The Cowgirl Chronicles

A Series of Plays by AJ Layague

Cowgirl Katarungan's Recipe for Adobo

Cowgirl Katarungan Is Fixin' to Fight

The Ballad of Timo and Mel

The Cowgirl Metamorphoses (and Attached Arboretum)

The Anna May Wong Chronicles

A Series of Plays by AJ Layague

Blue Lotus Lost

The Icy Mitts of Anna May 

Untitled (with Embark/OCPA/The Wayward Artist)

The Three Muscatels

Stories in Rhyming Verse by AJ Layague

The Daring Escape (and Return) of The Three Muscatels

The Three Muscatels Go to the Races

The Three Muscatels Play Matchmaker

The Two Muscatels Plan a Funeral

Lucy Larcom

Semi-finalist 2023 Eugene O'Neill Music Theater Conference

Book, Music, & Lyrics by AJ Layague

Based loosely on the early years of 19th century American poet Lucy Larcom. She worked in the mills as a child after the death of her father, before becoming an influential poet.

A Good Boy

Semi-finalist 2021 & 2022 Eugene O’Neill Music Theater Conference

Book and Lyrics by Lynden Harris
Music by AJ Layague & Marc Callahan

A Good Boy, based on interviews with the families of death row prisoners, also received a Critical Issues Grant from the Humanities for the Public Good and the Cultural Arts Award from the Triangle Community Foundation.

She Stoops to Conquer

Keck Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Directed by John Bouchard
Music by AJ Layague

A Comedy of Errors

Honored at the Women and the Silent Screen Conference XI: Women, Cinema, and World Migration, Columbia University, June 2021

Music by AJ Layague

“A Comedy of Errors is a perfectly timed bedroom farce in miniature, here enhanced by A.J. Layague’s raunchy jazz score. “

May/June 2020 issue